Our first-hand knowledge and expertise in every facet of design development, project management, and construction management, enables us to provide the wide variety of services that our clients may require.

From the beginning, the client’s timing and budget goals drive the decision-making process. All projects – regardless of the scope and scale – we always employ our rigorous, field-proven project management techniques to ensure success.

CEL is unique in that a principal of the firm assumes primary responsibility for every project and coordinates the efforts of an experienced team, including the selected staffs and consultants. This is how we maintain the extremely high level of service that our clients have come to expect.

Our strong leadership allows you to balance all facets of your project, while never losing sight of your objective – the highest quality within an established budget and schedule. As experienced builders, architects, and project managers, we know the right questions to ask. We also have the capability to assemble the perfect team to tackle your project.

By combining problem-solving skills and solid research methods with innovative, high-quality construction techniques, CEL assures cost-effective, creative, and highly functional solutions. The following is the range of services we offer to our clients:

CEL Engineers Ltd. is a consulting firm which specializes in a wide range of project planning and management, pre-construction development activities, construction management, and maintenance management. Samples of our products and services are: land search and rationalization of options for purchase, feasibility studies and recommended options, business case development, project funding including finding finance and investors, selection and appointment of designers and sales & marketing teams, managing contractor documentation and award, recruiting EIA consultants / supervisors, managing EIA approval, obtaining construction and building use approval, managing title deed allocation, informing a juristic person, handing over the project to the owner, and consulting on and appointing maintenance management.

With our strong and proven successful record, we are now formalizing what we already have as a successful “whole of life cycle” approach to property development.

Decision phase: This phase allows shareholders to make informed decisions before the project proceeds. CEL provides detailed information and options in relation to: land search and acquisition, conceptual design, EIA report, feasibilities study and financial availability. A business case, resulting in a Go/No Go decision is required before proceeding to the development or the pre-construction phase. Financial approvals signify the completion of this phase.

Pre construction phase: This phase involves formulation of the Master Plan for development, detailed financial approvals, land purchase, conceptual design approval.

Contracts award phase: Negotiating and awarding contracts to the designer, sales and marketing team, construction management/EIA/Piling contractors and the Main contractor.

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For faster completion time, better cost control, and fewer problems during the process, the Construction Management Project Delivery System is a great methodology that our company uses to assure excellence solutions. The depth of management skill possessed by the CEL Engineers construction corporation staff is perfectly suited to construction management.

CEL Engineers provides in depth consultation, recommendations and oversight of the entire construction project, allowing the project owner to devote their time to their normal responsibilities. The assistance delivered by CEL Engineers allows the owner to be informed of the progress of their project, without being burdened by every facet of the construction process. Our list of services includes:

Construction phase: During this phase, we provide construction supervision that ensures scope, schedule, quality, safety, risk, communications, procurement, and site personnel are efficiently managed, resulting in the delivery of construction to meet agreed deadlines and budget.

Post construction phase: During this phase, we provide final inspections and detailed agreed variations of scope and cost. Financial management is finalized and closed out.

Transfer phase title deed allocation/turnkey to the owner: During this phase, we provide transfer of the title deed for the property and sets up a Properties Company to manage the estate after handover. In addition, we provide for the formal handover of the entire project to the owner.

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An Environmental Impact Assessment is a vital process for developers to make decisions regarding their projects and also for humanity’s social, economical and environmental balance.

Planning an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) with the consultants of CEL Architects & Environments Limited can provide the advantageous and profitable experience to any large-scale project.

A formal Environmental Impact Statement communicating the biophysical, human use value, social, economical and any other relevant effects of the development proposal must be presented and approved by the law for the undertaking of all large-scale developments. Beneficial to all parties invested in a project is a thorough, objective assessment, which includes a substantial amount of tests with well-drawn conclusive evidence, for the law to consider the project viable, and to approve it.

Preparation for the Environmental Impact Statement and the EIA can be a complex, time consuming and costly, legal requirement requiring many diverse specialists. CEL Architects & Environments Limited is there to identify every detail encapsulated in the big picture, anticipate any unforeseen obstacles, evaluate using in-depth knowledge and mitigate problems for minimal financial, structural and environmental impacts, prior to major decisions being taken and commitments made.

Environmental Management

Environmental Management considers important areas like water resources, forestry, and pollution. It is crucial to plan and implement the clear policy for a sustainable environment. CEL Architects & Environments Limited can identify every aspect and detail, including the aspect of both short term and long term.

CEL Architects & Environments Limited is dedicated to achieving success within Government and Private sectors of any environmental project. Our environmental services cover a wide range of activities:

– Initial Environmental Evaluation
– Environmental Impact Assessment
– Environmental Management
– Major Hazard Assessment
– Air Quality Analysis and Management
– Air Modelling Analysis and Management
– Noise Quality Analysis, Modelling and Management
– Water and Wastewater Analysis
– Groundwater / Soil Sampling & Analysis Related Contaminations
– Traffic Analysis
– Environmental Sampling Equipment Design
– Vibration Monitoring
– Environmental Monitoring and Control
– Monitoring Well/Observation Well Installation
– Pollution Control and Management

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